Feb 25, 2014

Abducted by T.R. Ragan


Written by T.R. Ragan

Reading Source: Audible/Amazon (Whispersync)
Series: Lizzy Gardner
Book #: 1
Genre: Suspense

 I loved this book. It's gritty and dark.

The female lead in this book is Lizzy Gardner. When she was 17 years old, she was kidnapped after a milestone date with her boyfriend just a few blocks from her house. She was held captive and tortured by a sadistic bastard she dubbed Spiderman. Lizzy survived, and was the only victim to escape. However, she wasn't the only one to escape, Spiderman did too - causing Lizzy to spend the next fourteen years worrying about a repeat of the creepy and traumatic experience at the hands of Spiderman.

After a fourteen year hiatus, Spiderman is back and he's targeting Lizzy - who is now a private investigator and instructs teenage girls on how to defend themselves. She has locked away the trauma, or so she thought. After getting a phone call from Spiderman, her mental defenses start falling. Her boyfriend from fourteen years ago is now in the FBI, and needs Lizzy's help. When Spiderman pulls her family into his twisted version of hide and seek, Lizzy is determined to end this terror once and for all.

Spiderman is sick and uses creepy crawlies to torment his victims. The torture scenes in this book are not for the weak of heart. It was amazing. Get it!