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This is no longer an active blog - my GoodReads posts will blog automatically - but the posts will direct you to my WordPress Blog. I apologize for the need for extra clicking!


 About Izzy 

My name is Isabella Griffin. I'm your typical 20 something female reader. I love romance novels of all kinds (for the most part). From contemporary to paranormal and most things in between, I'll read any type at least once.

I'm an animal lover, and often times find my self to be a zoo keeper - therefore, I almost instantly love any book that an animal plays a key part in. 

Blogging about books is new to me, so there isn't much here yet. But I'm going to stick with it. Hopefully you'll stick with me too.

About Former Reviewer : Riona

(Ri decided that she wanted to focus on starting a family so she is no longer reviewing. I know that she and her husband are still trying - Maybe she will be back at some point - but for now it will only be me.) 

My name is Catriona. I'm pushing 30, so I'm a little stuck in my ways. I'm recently married to a burly Scotsman whom I love dearly. Like my new buddy - I love romance novels of all kinds. I'm a die hard Nora Roberts fan. I can't think of a single Nora book I couldn't pick up and read all the way through again.

Izzy is like my long lost little sister. I too have a zoo... just add a giant tarantula.

Peace, love and all that....

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