May 30, 2012

Ye Olde Booke Reviews

As I have stated in my last post, I am a full time student and will be swinging from "fun reads" to "required reads"... that being said - I will still be posting reviews of what I am currently reading. I have decided to change my thought process on reviewing.

I will review books that I have agreed to (ARC, New Books w/out reviews, what-have-you...) as soon as I am able. They will take precedent over my "fun reads" - I shall call them "review reads" (Very creative today if you can't tell.......) BUT nothing will take precedent over my "required reads" for school. I will review some of my "required reads" and finally, I will pick and choose which of my "fun reads" I will be reviewing.

However, I will be creating a list of books I have read and come up with some way of ranking them so you all can tell where my feelings lie in regards to them.

Review importance in Summary:
    1. "Required Reads"
    2. "Review Reads"
    3. "Fun Reads"

So... starting today - I will be reading Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare - because I am taking a Shakespeare Class!! YAY! and then in a few weeks I will be starting British Literature! YAY! Again!!