May 27, 2012

Banged Up by Jeanne St. James

Banged Up

Banged Up by Jeanne St. James

Reading Source: Library
Genre: Adult, Romantica

 *** Warning Explicit content in both the book and my review. Please do no read if you are under aged ***

Okay - so here is the truth. I cannot for the life of me remember the characters' names. Not even a little bit. Now granted I've read quite a few books since finishing this one... but I don't think I could have told you their names while reading it.

Give me a second while I visit to check out their names... hold please....

Ahhh that's right Colby and Mace. Colby - the heroine in this Romantica novel, is a bio-chemist house sitting for her friend, who in turn is house sitting for her brother, whom she has never once mentioned to the our little luscious heroine. Mace is a bastard, not literally, his parents were married - but his attitude and general demeanor is just awful. He has his good moments, but the changes he undergoes as a character, and his thought processes in general are just so off the wall and unbelievable. Oh - I should have prefaced that by saying Mace was very badly hurt on the job and is recovering from an awful loss of major musculature of his thigh. Granted, that probably has a lot to due with his attitude, but after what he learns about Colby, one of his actions just pisses me the heck off.

Now - I must say this - The ONE redeeming quality of this book is the sex scenes. They are good. Very good. I jumped my guy more than once during the course of this book. I'm a fan of anal in real life, so when it comes up in a book.... I'm all about it. Kudos to St. James for going there.

Overall, its okay if you want good sex scenes, but if you are looking for emotional and personal enrichment, I would go somewhere else, try a Nora Roberts book... or someone else like that... maybe Susan Mallery... who knows... Nicholas Sparks could float your boat....