Jul 23, 2012

Corralled by Lorelei James

Written by Lorelei James

Reading Source: Library
Series: Black Top Cowboys
Book #: 1
Genre: Adult, Erotica, Romance

Lanie Capshaw has been working the rodeo circuit as a med tech. Not only has she been working out sore muscles for a couple of cowboys, but she's been rubbing out some stiff joints for two cowboys in particular: bullfighter, Hank Lawson and bull rider, Kyle Gilchrist. Caught two timing the unknown to her, best friends, Hank and Kyle approach Lanie with an offer that is too good to refuse.

Hank and Kyle are both unwilling to give up Lanie Capshaw without a fight. When they find out that Lanie has been hitting the sheets with both men, the come up with a plan to see which man Lanie will ultimately choose. They propose to share her, in every way possible. Through this wild ride, Lanie learns which man can really satisfy all her desires.

This book is erotic gold. You get one on one, two on one, vanilla sex, rough sex, sweet gentle love and tender, heartfelt moments. This is the female equivalent to the infamous male "spank bank." What is surprising that despite all of the hot, raunchy, taboo, yummy, orgasmic sex, the plot is still believable to the extent of the "hey, this could happen, maybe, I hope..." kind of believable. Yes, there is romance and the much enjoyed Happily Ever After ending. I really enjoyed this book, and will probably read it again, if not just for the sex scenes.