Jul 14, 2012

Shadow Sight by E.J. Stevens

Shadow Sight
Written by E.J. Stevens

Reading Source: Author (ARC)
Series: Ivy Granger
Book #: 1
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Mild Paranormal Romance

Ivy Granger is far from average. At a young age, she learned that through her touch she could learn about the person, or people, who have been in contact with that item. These aren't idle visions - these are visceral, bone wrenching visions. To outsiders, it would seem that her ability would be a gift. To Ivy, a life with the 'gift' of psychometry  has been torture. Being able to touch even the simplest item, like a pop-tart wrapper, has caused Ivy to isolate herself. She keeps few close to her, namely Jinx her best friend, and Kaye, a bad-ass warrior witch. In light of her 'gift,' Ivy and Jinx have gone into the Private Eye business.

Approached by the Kelpies to find something very dear to them, Ivy and her marry band of 'others,' are sucked into a major threat against the town of Harborsmouth. It is up to Ivy to find what the Kelpies treasure in order to save her community.

I loved reading this book. There was a lot of detail, but given that it is the first book in a series that can only be expected. With the amount of information that is provided, I can only assume that each book hereafter will be detailed and entertaining. It is difficult for me to go into any great detail about the plot itself without giving away key points. The foreshadowing throughout the book is wonderful. Too often I find myself wondering why I am reading a book at all, when I feel as if I am blind through the majority of the story. Not here. Ivy is a complex character who is still growing up. Because of her gift, she has sheltered herself - locked herself away from personal relationships and friendships. By the end of Shadow Sight, you get the feeling that the next book will be another point in Ivy's life where she will be pitted against her fears once again, and will  be all the stronger for it.

Between the 'creepies' and the dynamic between Ivy and Jinx, I couldn't have been more tickled, but then, at the end we are thrown for a loop - I can't wait to read the next book in the series and see what Ivy does with the strings that are daintily, and quite nicely left open.

I giant THANK YOU to E.J. Stevens for giving me another book with lots of monsters (both scary and cute) to run around in my imagination!