Aug 9, 2012

Small Hiatus - But We're Back!!!

As you may have noticed, we took a small hiatus from the blog. I just finished up a grueling summer semester of college, and Rio, well Rio is newly married... can you really blame her for taking some time off when the opportunity presents itself?

So here are some updates:

Reviews Requested and Upcoming:

  1. Deception (The Vedeine Saga #1) by Ashley Strachan
  2. The Coffee Shop by Lauren Hunter
  3. The Visitor's Room by E.H. James
  4. Laura by E.H. James
  5. Daughter of Hope (Siaris Quartet #1) by Joanna Fay

Shadow Sight Giveaway:


Shadow Sight e-book: Katherine A.
Signed Post Card: Tim G.
Private Eye Sticker: Barbara B.

Blog Tour and Upcoming Giveaway:

I'm participating in the Jennifer L. Armentrout Summer Blog Tour - hosted by K-Books

For that I'll be reviewing and gifting a copy of Tempting the Best Man by J. Lynn to the winner of a giveaway. The contest is open to those of you who have the ability to receive gifted e-books from Barnes and Noble (Nook) or Amazon (Kindle). 

Check back soon for my review and details on the giveaway.