Mar 6, 2014

Hell Without You by Ranae Rose

Hell Without You

Written by Ranae Rose

Reading Source: Netgalley
Genre: Romance

Clementine did what she thought she had to do in order to protect the young man she loved. Forced to make a choice between breaking both their hearts and leaving or staying and ruining Donovan's life - she decided to leave. Broken hearted and with nothing keeping him, Donovan joined the Marines. Though, he never forgot Clementine, and he never stopped loving her.

Seven years later, fate has brought Donovan and Clementine back to their hometown. From this point, they both struggle with the ever present attraction between the two of them. But life has changed them both. Donovan is suffering from PTSD and having Clementine back in his life has stirred him up to the point he is sleepwalking again. Clementine holds a lot of guilt for leaving Donovan, but she probably would have left again to keep him safe.

The main conflict in this story happens towards the end of the book. Trevor, Clementine's step brother is murdered. Evidence points to Donovan and given the history between the three of them, the police are not looking very hard to find out what really happened.

I found that the resolution to the conflict was anticlimactic. However, this is not a suspense novel in the least, so the lack of action there is not really a fault in the book, it is just a personal preference. The romance feels real between the two characters, and the sex scenes are decent. It's not really an erotica novel - but the scenes are graphic. I found myself not wanting to put the book down. But overall, this is a good light read.