Jun 24, 2012


I am in the process of applying structure to my reviews! Things will be changing slightly over the next few days!

What's in a review?:

  • Book Title (Links to Good Reads book page)
  • Book Author (Links to Good Reads Author Page)
  • Reading Source (Library, Purchased, ARC/For Review)
  • Series Information, if any
  • Star Rating - 1 through 5
  • Review
    • Honest opinion of the book
    • My feelings toward the book/character
The reviews themselves will vary depending on my mood. Some will be a summary of the plot and my over all feelings, others will be strewn with random tangents and metaphors.

I will not pull punches, but I will never be outright mean. If I do not like a book, I will explain why. If you do not agree with this policy, you should not request a review.

My Rating System:

Freaking Amazing. This is my new favorite book!

Awesome. I'll be reading this again.

Really Good. I might read this again.

Good. Fun/Entertaining Read.

OK. Worth reading.

Could be better.

Could be much better.

Did Not Enjoy.

Really Did Not Enjoy.