Jun 19, 2012

Reviews by Request???

Hey everyone - Happy Tuesday!!

I'm working on compiling a GIANT list of all of the books I have EVER read. It will be a whole page dedicated just to the list and subsequently to the reviews I have done for those books.

And I was thinking.... I know what I like to read - but what if I've read something that you want to know more about.... how can I make your reading experience better ? (I'm a giver by nature... and a Sales Person by profession...) So I was thinking - what if I were to offer Reviews by Request?

If you want to share your thoughts please do so.

You can comment here - or email me directly at allcoveredinpurple@gmail.com


Isabella Griffin (aka Dizzy Izzy)

6/20/12 - Clarification

Hey Everyone - I just wanted to clarify the above posting. I love getting free books as much as the next person, but I am not looking for freebies or ARCs (I will weigh and assess any propositions for reviews that I may get, but at this time, School and previous arrangements are all I will be doing - at least until the end of July.)

My intention was for my followers to be able to look at my Book Masterlist and say... "What! Ho! Yonder a book lies that I have been want to read. Alas, the cover is in it's glory - What say'st the pages therein?!" (I'm taking a Shakespeare class right now --- I just finished my MidTerm about an hour ago..... ). From there you could request a review of one of the books I have listed as read, that does not already have one.

Regardless, I will continue to post reviews and add to my Master List. I just wanted to give you a place where you could be like - I want to read it, and the reviews are mixed.... what does one more person have to say about this????"

Gracias - Izzy