My Journey Through Shadow Sight

Since this is the first "Official" ARC review on my blog - I'm going to commemorate it by detailing my journey through the book. From Pre-Read to Full Summary.

It's a new idea for me, so bear with me and comment frequently if you feel it necessary.

Pre-Reading to First Start.... (5/28/12)

I had been slacking and hadn't checked my email in a while - If you haven't noticed - I have quite a hefty list of books that I am working on reviewing.... plus I just moved from Weebly..... sooooo I was like OH CRAP! when I saw multiple emails from E.J. about the ARC and giveaway - plus she had my old blog address!

Here I scramble now putting together pages for the Giveaway, the Press release and I had to put together sign up forms for each of the THREE magnificent giveaways!!!

I've just stared to read it on my Kindle (thanks for the Mobi version - I love reading, but I hate reading on my computer.... I only have air conditioning in like 2 rooms in my house... and my computer is not in one of them....) I hate to have to put it down, but I have to go work on my yard...... I've put off the yard work  long enough - but duty calls (as does the city.....)

I will be back later tonight/early tomorrow to let everyone know exactly what I'm feeling so far. I WILL NOT be giving details AT ALL. This will just be how I'm feeling - so it may be confusing - but it will give you incentive to read the book!!!! After all, you'll only have to wait until July 24th!!!

The First 10.... (late may/early june - I really should have thought of this...)

I'm enjoying the first 10 percent of the book. I've been enjoying it so much that last night when I was making dinner I totally was not paying attention to the food and dripped grease on my foot.... (I was making grilled cheese and bacon sandwiches - a fabulous reward for FOUR DAYS of awful yard work...) Well needless to say, I have an ouchie (I hang around an 8 year old... who likes to mess with people by saying strange thinks like ouchies and other nonsensical things that little boys do not say....) and I'm totally cool with it... I was sucked into when Ivy was... well I promised no spoilers - So I'm not even going to let the little things slip....

So far I've got a decent grasp of the basics of Ivy and Jinx and I'm curious. Curiosity is not just for dead cats folks... It's for lively readers. I can't tell you how many time I've put down a book and stopped reading at the first 10 (I'm a Kindle user - so I get the percentage information at the bottom of the screen). I want to know what "Sea Monster Face" (yeah - I'm going to use quirky nicknames so you want to know who these characters actually are.... I'm mean like that....) wants from Ivy. 

So far there has been a decent amount of world building - which is interesting. Harborsmouth feels like a cross between a small town, X-Files and Buffy. I'm not totally sure on that one yet... I'll get back to you.

The history of the relationship between Ivy and Jinx is solid and believable. I know, I know.... Fiction/Urban Fantasy - but I like to be able to put myself into different characters shoes - if I can't I wont want to read the next book in the series (read: I Want to Read the Next Book in the Series!)

I'll ramble at you later.... Izzy

A Follow Up.... (6/9/12)

So I have read more into Shadow Sight, but with the summer semester just starting and taking a full term in 10 weeks, I am feeling the burn.... I've managed to inhale another 5% of the book. I absolutely love the creepies in this book. If you like strange creatures and quirky-oddball descriptions this is for you.

I promise - I will get another 10% done in the next week - at this rate I'll have the whole book done in about... 8 weeks... the end of my semester.... sigh

Later -
Tired, Hungry and Sleep Deprived Izzy

Almost 30..... percent done (6/13/12)

So I hate having to put down the book. I'm just getting to the meat of the book. I'm finding that I really enjoy reading a good book slower. I'm constantly on the run or doing homework (It's awful to be an adult going back to college.... STAY IN SCHOOL!!!) or taking care of my hubby, you know the norm... It is truly a treat to be able to sit back and enjoy something a little bit at a time. Here is my favorite thing to compare books to - Chocolate.

Let's say you got one of those chocolate samplers... and you immediately went through and ate all of your favorite pieces of chocolate right away, the next time you went back to it all the good pieces would be gone and you'd be sad. After all, you inhaled the chocolate so fast you couldn't even savor it. You can barely even remember what it tasted like. From there it's a downward spiral, you fall into a horrible depression because the lack of memory of your favorites leaves a void in your spirit. That void grows a little wider each time you think about your chocolate sampler, until you find yourself in the candy isle at Wal-mart at 4 o'clock in the morning arguing with yourself about which giant bag of chocolate you should get, until you snap and decide to buy the industrial bag....

MORAL OF THE STORY :  This book needs to be savored. Do not follow the path towards the void.

Unicorns, Kelpies, and Trolls! Oh My! (6/22/12)

So I've really gotten into the meat of the story now. Basically, Ivy needs to save the day, like any good heroine does... and she's got a rag-tag team of friends to help her - A Motley Crew of Creepies and Not-So-Creepies-but-just-as-scaries if you will. Ivy's blessed/cursed with psychometry - which is awesome/awful - and she's charged/hired by the "good guys" to find the one person who can help fight back the baddies and save the day.

This book is chocked full of details and back story but it's always fast paced enough to make me sad to put down the book and do other things.... like eat/sleep/play with my puppy.... 

Ivy and Jinx's characters are what I love best so far. Their dynamic is awesome. They understand what each of them needs and is able to see that their friendship is vital to the other. With Ivy's gift being so sensitive to touch she's had a tough life and Jinx is the glue that patched the cracks of a tough childhood. Each time we get to glimpse into what Ivy sees when she uses her gift I have been enraptured. The detail of her visions are intense. The first time she learned of her gift she sees something awful and the emotion shared in that one scene brought me to tears. As did the next major psychometry scene. 

Shadow Sight has allowed me to see a world that I never could have imagined. Best of all, it's got the right blend of suspense, paranormal activity, and quirky humor that makes me want to read for hours.

I love Shakespeare (I'm taking an intense 8 week course on his major plays....) but I want to skip Othello and Hamlet and read more Shadow Sight!

"Pleasure and action make the hours seem short."
- William Shakespeare, by way of Iago, Othello Act 2 Scene 3

"Parting is such sweet sorrow" (William Shakespeare again... Romeo and Juliet Act 2 Scene 2)
-Dizzy Izzy the Griffin

An after thought.... (6/22/12)

I've never really blogged my way through a book before, so this experience is teaching me a lot about reading.

There are many different reasons to read.

  1. For Fun
  2. For School/Work
  3. For a time filler
  4. To seem intellectual (I don't do that - I'm a genius and everyone around me knows it... books or not!)
  5. Because it's trendy (reading a book right before the movie adaptation comes out....)
  6. Other reasons that I cannot even make up for humor's sake
And I have to say that looking at how I feel through each part of a book forces me to learn a lot about myself. My new motto when reading for pleasure... Slow down and Savor. This really has been one of the best reading experiences I've had since my grandmother gave me David Copperfield when I was eight and I learned the glory that is Charles Dickens.

Keep it fun. Slow down and Savor the pleasurable things in life. The memories are sweeter.

Izzy Griffin - the Book Philosopher

This is the end...(7/14/12)

I just finished Shadow Sight. I really enjoyed reading this book - I can't wait to write the review...Literally - I'm ending this blurb just to go write it now.